Staff Located in Miami, Fla., NAC, national office is responsible for coordinating NAC programs including regional and nation events, certification, …

ANC-US is a sub chapter of the Academie Nationale de Cuisine, in English National Academy of Cooking “N.A.C”.
NAC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of highly qualified professional chefs from around the country. The Board oversees the direction of the organization and works directly with the National Staff to guide organization growth and member benefits.

Director of the Board
Bernard Cullier

Bernie’s Hospitality training is more than 40 years of accelerated experience combined with academic credentials from different Hotel Management, specialized in industrial catering, and certified in Hotel Restaurant. He has received his degree in Food service and Diploma of Hotel Restaurant Management in France and in the US. Be part of the Master Chef community, my mission is to make each item we serve, and each service we provide, an enriching part of our clients’ culture.

Culinary Insider

Alain is a skilled professional freelance writer with extensive experience in the areas of food, wine, cultures, education, eco and responsible tourism, off-the-beaten-path destinations, historic sites, indigenous cultures and related topics.

Stefan Brueggermann Corporate Pastry & Bakery Executive Chef for BSSL. 30 years with significant broad-based experience in fine-dining restaurant, destination resorts, mega hotel and Cruise Lines.