What We Offer

The Latest in Industry Trends

We keep our chefs abreast of culinary trends through:

Seminars and workshops at local, regional and national events

Our flagship magazine, The Golden Toque

Our eNewsletter for culinary students and professionals, The Culinary Insider

Career Recognition

• In a competitive industry such as ours, it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition. Our competitions and awards will prove your skills as a professional culinarian and enhance your career opportunities.

An Honor Society

• The National Academy of Cooking (NAC) promotes high standards and professionalism for the culinary arts. NAC ensures the future of the culinary industry through mentoring and scholarship programs.

Lucien Veillet

Representation in International Competitions

• NAC Culinary Team USA represents the United States in multiple national and international competitions. NAC Culinary Team USA exemplifies professionalism and creativity.

Access to a Million-Member Intercontinental Society

• World Association of Chefs Society (WACS) is a global network comprised of 75 official chefs associations. Every NAC member is simultaneously enrolled in WACS.

• Unlike other culinary product assurance programs, NAC’s Seal of Approval program tests for more than just taste. NAC’s Seal represents quality in an entire product, including application and ease of use, physical properties and performance.
The United States Chapter of the French National Culinary Academy is a growing association of international scope supporting our sister organization, the Académie Nationale de Cuisine.

NAC promotes, preserves, teaches and disseminates French cuisine and French culinary traditions. NAC has forged its identity in several events that are recognized by professional culinarians and the media including:

• The NATIONAL GRAND PRIX OF REGIONAL RECIPES in which the coveted International Golden Toque is awarded in recognition of the achievement of the highest standards professional excellence of chefs and pastry professionals.

NAC, in addition to promoting French gastronomy, has well-defined goals including:

• Facilitating the exchange of culinary knowledge and the support of regional products through participation in international, national, and regional gastronomic events sponsoring cooking demonstrations conducted by our professional chef members.
• Ensuring the promotion of local products and quality sources.
• Recognizing the attainment of professional excellence of our members by a special medal. The medal:
o Acknowledges the high respect of our members for our organization;
o Identifies members as having attained the highest standards of professional excellence by our slogan “Quality and Regional Tradition”; and,
• Encourages culinary students by supporting their development within the profession.
• Our organization’s GOLDEN TOQUE MAGAZINE serves as a link connecting our worldwide membership. The magazine is provided free of charge to over 480 hospitality and culinary schools and training facilities worldwide.

ANC strives to support and enhance our professional identity, preserve the authenticity and quality of French cuisine, while enjoying a growing reputation as an organizational leader within the international culinary community.